CBY Tower is more than just a place to rest one’s head in—it offers all the trappings of a luxurious life right in the heart of the city’s most historic and prosperous commercial district.

The tower’s 10th floor is where one can find the beautifully designed and constructed pool area. There are two separate pools—a deeper swimming pool for residents of all ages and another one for kids. There is also a pool deck and a pool-side lounge for residents to relax in while enjoying refreshments and the gorgeous view of the Manila skyline. There is also a magnificently designed lounge and bar area perfect for evening cocktails and socializing with the other residents.

For bigger parties and important celebrations, there is a two-unit function room exclusively for residents’ use. Fitness nuts will also definitely enjoy the fitness, aerobics, and gym area offering professional equipment and the right space for physical activities.

The parking levels in CBY Tower—all eight levels of it—are equipped with a state-of-the-art car lift parking system that makes it much more convenient for residents to get to their vehicles without compromising the efficiency of space. There are also separate parking spaces for commercial and residential use, meaning that visitors to the tower’s commercial units do not have to encroach on the residents’ parking spaces. A 24-hour CCTV surveillance system is also in place for the residents’ safety and peace of mind.

CBY Tower is designed not only to appear luxurious and opulent, but it also offers unique utility features for residents and commercial unit tenants. There is an overhead water tank to provide continuous water supply to all units, whether residential or commercial. There is also a sophisticated fire sprinkler system on every floor for the safety of all occupants. A two-staircase fire escape route is also available.

All units are also connected to the reception and security counters through a reliable intercom system. In addition to this, all residential units have an automatic smoke detector and fire alarm with a sprinkler system, door bells, and water heaters for toilets and baths. Provisions are also installed for a cable TV line and a telephone line (residents, will however, need to apply for their subscriptions to the service or utility provider of their choice). Individual electric and water meters are in place for easy connection and access. Space, as well as water and electrical outlets, for washing machines and air-conditioning units are also built in every unit.

The tower has three high-speed passenger lifts and a service elevator for increased convenience and reducing waiting time for both residents and deliveries. These high-speed elevators function 24/7 for all the occupants’ and guests’ ease.

For easier, more convenient, and hygienic waste disposal, there are enclosed garbage chutes on every floor.

  • Swimming Pool / Kiddie Pool / Pool Deck
  • Pool Side Lounge
  • Lounge / Bar Area
  • 2 – unit function Room
  • Fitness / Aerobics and Gym Area
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